This documentation describes Heartex platform version 1.0.0, which is no longer supported. For information about getting started with Label Studio Enterprise Edition, the equivalent of Heartex platform version 2.0.x, see Get started with Label Studio.

What is platform for?

Heartex is a collaborative labeling, annotation and data exploration platform for machine learning. It’s designed with simplicity in mind and is adaptable for different ML needs. It works with different data types, mobile-friendly, and provides world-class support for controlling the quality of the results.

Platform Architecture

See more about key terms in the vocabulary.

Key concepts

Here you can see relations among labeling objects: tasks, completions, results, predictions.

One user provides one completion, it’s atomic, and it consists of the result items. Result items can have relations between themselves with the specified direction of three types: left-right, right-left, or bidirectional. Normalizations are additional information in the custom string format about the current result item.

Completions and Predictions are very similar. But predictions must be generated automatically by ML models.

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Heartex API could be found here.

To access API you need to get token in your account page