[v1.2.3] 24 September 2020

Lead time for text areas

You can analyze in details how many time you collaborators spend for each text area. The lead_time field will be included to every <TextArea> result from completions.

Task data example:

"completions": [{
    "result": [
            "from_name": "answer",
            "to_name": "text",
            "type": "textarea",
            "meta": {
                ==> "lead_time": 7.635 <==
            "value": {
                "text": [
                    "one two three"

Invited per project collaborators on the organization page

Now you can observe all the per project invited collaborators on organization page. If you no longer need some collaborators and you want to free seats in the organization, then remove them from all the projects they are involved.


Bug fixes

Minor improvements