Pairwise element. Compare two different objects, works with any label studio object


Params: string [leftClass=left] - class name of the left object
Params: string [rightClass=left] - class name of the right object

Param Type Description
name string name of the element
toName string names of the elements you want to compare
[selectionStyle] string style of the selection


  <Pairwise name="pairwise" leftClass="text1" rightClass="text2" toName="txt-1,txt-2"></Pairwise>
  <Text name="txt-1" value="Text 1" />
  <Text name="txt-2" value="Text 2" />


You can also style the appearence using the View tag:

  <Pairwise name="pw" toName="txt-1,txt-2"></Pairwise>
  <View style="display: flex;">
    <View style="margin-right: 1em;"><Text name="txt-1" value="$text1" /></View>
    <View><Text name="txt-2" value="$text2" /></View>