Image tag shows an image on the page


Param Type Default Description
name string name of the element
value string value
[width] string "100%" image width
[maxWidth] string "750px" image maximum width
[zoom] boolean false enable zooming an image by the mouse wheel
[negativeZoom] boolean false enable zooming out an image
[zoomBy] float 1.1 scale factor
[grid] boolean false show grid
[gridSize] number 30 size of the grid
[gridColor] string ""#EEEEF4"" color of the grid, opacity is 0.15
[zoomControl] boolean false show zoom controls in toolbar
[brightnessControl] boolean false show brightness control in toolbar
[contrastControl] boolean false show contrast control in toolbar
[rotateControl] boolean false show rotate control in toolbar


  <!-- Take the image url from the url column in JSON/CSV -->
  <Image value="$url"></Image>


  <Image value="" width="100%" maxWidth="750px" />