12th December 2019

December was a busy month packed with extensive development efforts. A week and a half before Christmas, we’re releasing a new labeling data type!

HTML Annotation

Right right right! It’s a new annotation type! HTML is the most fundamental building block of the web, and a de facto standard to create webpages. But not only that, what makes HTML annotation powerful is how many other formats can be converted into it.

For example, PDFs, so now you can annotate things like Resumes, Research and Legal papers. Another one is Excel sheets that are used for Invoices and Financial Documents. All of those can be converted into HTML and annotated. And it gives you a lot of freedom on the new data types without losing any visual representation as with text.

Still in its early days, but functional enough to be able to annotate data that comes, for example, from the excel sheets. On the animation above, you can see an invoice exported as HTML is being annotated.

Compare results side by side with Grid View

Often we’ve seen a scenario where you’d explore and compare the results created by different annotators. To make things easier, we introduce the grid view. You get all the results on one page and can compare it side by side. This way, you immediately see the differences between the annotations and explore it further.

Here you can quickly spot how different the audio segmentations are.