25th September 2019

Another great week of development! This week we’ve been concentrating on improving Images and sampling methods and a search! Details:

Polygons and KeyPoints for Images

We’ve added two new labeling tags for images, key points, and polygons. That required redoing an image component from the ground up, but now it’s more robust and responsive.

Here are a few examples of how you can use new tags:

<Image name="img" value="$image" zoom="true"></Image>
<KeyPointLabels name="tag" toName="img" strokewidth="5" fillcolor="red">
  <Label value="Nose" background="yellow"></Label>
  <Label value="Left Eye" background="blue"></Label>
  <Label value="Right Eye" background="green"></Label>  
<Image name="img" value="$image" showMousePos="true" zoom="true"></Image>
<PolygonLabels name="tag" toName="img" strokewidth="5" fillcolor="red" pointstyle="circle" pointsize="small">
  <Label value="Sign" background="red"></Label>
  <Label value="Road" background="blue"></Label>

Image Zoom

If you specify zoom="true" in your config, you get mouse wheel (or touchpad) zoom available on your images. That enables you to do pixel-perfect annotation!

Sampling methods

Additional configuration for the sampling. When you go into the project settings, you can configure the way sampling of the tasks works. There are three different way right now:

Honeypots are now called Ground Truth

Along with that, you get to control to show Ground Truth items first. That way you can validate the annotators (or your instruction) from the beginning.

The initial version of the search functionality made it into the UI. Check it out in the data manager!


New analytics doughnuts for RectangleLabels and Ground truths (#873)